Organizational development

Our Organizational Development Services include;

Training and Development

JMK specializes in designing of cutting-edge training and development programs for organizations. Our training and development programs are designed against the background that contemporary organizations are increasingly becoming aware of the importance of formal and informal training activities in enhancing performance and or skills of employees.

Recruitment of Skilled Professionals

JMK Consulting supervises the recruitment, placement and training of graduates and specialists into organizations. We also undertake job classification or analysis which explains the skills, duties and training required for each job.

Gender Audit/ Analysis

Gender audit is an aspect of gender mainstreaming which analyzes the effects of mainstream policies such as legislation, regulations, allocations, taxation and social projects on women in a particular organization or society. JMK has expertise in carrying out gender audit in organizations/ firms which can lead to changes in policies that can contribute to an increase in gender equality

Employee Performance Appraisal

Performance appraisals are a reality in contemporary organizations of all sizes and types. We have expertise in designing effective system of evaluating job performance.
We are able to accurately outline employees’ responsibilities and contributions, identify employee weaknesses and recommend training that will improve performance and motivate employees, and provide valid and important input in management decisions.


Writing Organizational Annual Reports

JMK specializes in writing annual reports for organizations. We write annual reports to reflect your organization’s current achievements and future programs. We also write captions that tell your story.

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