Future Research Areas

In the area of research, JMK Consulting is currently involved in the conduction of social and market surveys, monitoring and evaluation, gender analysis or audits, accessibility audits, and designing of research instruments and data analysis. We also undertake market and socio-economic research and the development of M&E systems for NGOs programmes. We are also involved in offering training and capacity building services for NGOs in the area of Monitoring and Evaluation, Advocacy, Team building and conflict management etc.

In business development and support, we offer business advisory services to SMEs and coach the development of business plans, organizational systems and structures.

In the area of human resource development, the company undertakes international recruitment services for key professionals in social care. We work with our international partners to secure international vacancies for our clients.

Strategically, we have interest in areas such as environmental and Socio- Economic impact studies. Our team of consultants are trained in the conduction of social and environmental impact assessment (EIA), and Strategic Environmental Assessments (SEA). This has been occasioned by the growing focus on sustainable environmental practices by governments and donor agencies. We also have expertise and interest in social policy analysis with particular focus on how government policies and programmes affect the rural and urban poor.



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